Organizational Social Design (OSD) Practitioners

Organizational Social Design is a frictionless approach to reducing friction in your workflow. OSD works with your organization's structure to bake connection and continuous learning into your culture. Specifically, OSD addresses the systems, behaviors and beliefs which influence employee performance and works to create a more responsive and resilient organization.


Your policies, procedures and processes interacting with management, communication and decision-making create invisible systems that guide both behaviors and beliefs in organizations. Auditing and modifying your systems enables the culture to grow with your operations.


Organization-wide communication and collaboration can be challenging and social technology is only half of the solution. Coaching your workforce in new ways to interact and exchange knowledge is critical to scaling collaboration.


Aligning people to a new approach to working starts with understanding the current state of these activities, then introducing new models that challenge but do not disrupt workflow. Our workshops and orientation approaches set the foundation for greater openness and transparency.

 Why We're Here

Why We're Here

Your organization's ability to execute, innovate, and remain agile is directly related to your employee’s ability to adapt in rapidly changing times. Adapting is the ability to learn quickly and most learning happens in the work we do through conversations and collaboration. It’s happening in your company now, yet it’s likely unstructured, unsupported and relatively invisible.

ThruWork works with you to make the invisible visible and more effective. By providing the services to support, enable and encourage a stronger work-learning environment, your organization can stay "small" to grow successful.

What you have right now is exactly what large organizations aspire to return to – passionate, continuously learning employees at the heart of your culture. This is your advantage today, an advantage that can scale as you scale your operations. Learn more about what our services offer.

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Working closely with experts and organizations to provide greater value to you in the area of self-directed learning and development.
702010 Institute
702010 Institute
Working collaboratively to help exploit the potential of 70:20:10 as an approach that strengthens L&D with organisational performance needs
Coaching Ourselves
Coaching Ourselves
A Henry Mintzberg program, helps L&D professionals launch peer-coaching programs to build leadership capacity


Before you buy technology, add resources... or worse, do nothing at all.